Christian Reimitz


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Christian Reimitz is a senior partner in the firm and specialist in real estate law, corporate law and industrial property rights. During 30 years of experience he has published several articles in professional journals and has held various lectures in his practice areas.

In 2012 and 2013 he was elected as the best real estate lawyer in Austria in the community voting at the prestigious Cäsar Award.

The law firm ENGIN-DENIZ is a highly specialised firm and offers its clients over 50 years of experience in the fields of real estate law, corporate law and industrial property rights. The founder RA Dr. Gerhard Engin-Deniz was a pioneer of his time and sustainably affected the development of law/jurisdiction at a national and high court level.

Now ENGIN-DENIZ is one of the leading real estate corporate law firms in Austria with high degree of specialisation in the peculiarities of the Austrian real estate sector/market.

The real estate team of ENGIN-DENIZ consists of five experts and lawyers, who offer individual and tailor-made solutions and excellent support to their clients. They provide a large scale of legal services for real estate investors, real estate buyers and sellers, housing corporations, property developers, landlords, tenants, real estate agents and real estate developers. The attorneys of ENGINDENIZ give their clients the best legal knowledge, excellent personal service and attention to detail at a fair and reasonable cost.