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Dragan is one of the founders of Prelevic Law Firm. The stages in his 20 years long legal experience reflect Montenegro’s development towards an independent investment location. After attending civil and criminal litigations, Dragan was among the first to advice on the country’s major privatizations and a prime mover in introducing new concepts for the legal structuring of real estate developments. Dragan counts among the few lawyers in the region, who comprehend the interests of international investors and are equally skilled to implement these interests in the local legal environment. Dragan advises on major real estate transactions, undertakings in regulated markets, corporate relations, finance and securities. He is registered with the Montenegro BAR.

Real estate development sector has been a crucial part of Montenegro’s economic growth since its independence. Many of the top tier companies investing in exclusive tourist zones relied on the advice of Prelevic law firm and we are regularly engaged to set-up and operate real estate ventures in coastal zone of Montenegro. PLF has therefore established a branch office in Budva, to provide a pro-active, hands on support for the Clients.


  • SPAs
  • Sales Concepts
  • Financing of real estate investments
  • Joint ventures
  • Permits, Planning and urbanization
  • Tax law
  • Concessions
  • Overall Development legal services
  • PPI

Prelevic Law Firm was established in 1991 and has grown to become the largest legal office in Montenegro. We advise exclusively for Montenegrin market being truly locally rooted boutique law firm. Also, we are part of Adriala, a network of prominent Law Firms providing a comprehensive support for the market of South Eastern Europe.

We have a versatile team covering an entire spectrum of legal specializations capable to handle the most challenging transactions. For B-to-B relations we are trained to create the legal frameworks of joint ventures, respective corporate structures and to handle commercial transactions in respect to privatizations, property developments, financing and tourism. As we are truly Montenegrin based, we can meet all requirements of a one-stop service and cover on a long-term basis all necessities related to the operation of an investment project, including labour law and residential needs as well as urgent support in the event of legal emergencies. PLF handles major M&A transactions, regularly produces due-diligence and compliance reports for the clients in different industries (oil & gas, wind energy, international trade & distribution, finance, etc), acts as leading counsel in numerous corporate and civil litigations.

PLF provides advice in English, German, Russian and Montenegrin.

Partners: Dr. Radomir Prelevic, Dragan Prelevic, Aleksandar Vojinovic and Dr.Wolfram Zeihe

“Sources regard Dragan Prelević as “a very capable lawyer who always finds a solution, no matter what,” adding: “He is one of the best I’ve worked with in Montenegro.”
Chambers & Partners, 2017