February Visa Bulletin Update: USCIS To Honor Dates For Filing For Most Categories Next Month

To be eligible to file an employment-based adjustment application in February, employer-sponsored foreign nationals must have a priority date that is earlier than the date listed below for their preference category and country. Where the dates in the Dates for Filing chart are less favorable than the Final Action Date chart, as is the case next month for most EB-3 countries, USCIS will accept adjustment applications from foreign nationals according to the Final Action Dates chart […]

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The State Of U.S. Immigration: 2019 Highlights And What To Expect In 2020

Immigration is always evolving, but 2019 brought with it some changes that could impact the next decade of talent mobility. The U.S. saw increased scrutiny of petitions, new policies and calls for immigration reform from both political parties. For employers, it’s clear that immigration will remain a hot topic going into 2020, and staying ahead means staying informed.
What to know about U.S. immigration in 2019 and reminders for 2020, presented with Global Immigration Associates
Immigration […]

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Department Of State Announces Visa Reciprocity Changes

The United States Department of State (DOS) recently made a number of significant changes to visa “reciprocity” tables. Reciprocity involves either additional fees, or shorter validity periods (or both) for visa applicants from certain countries and for certain visa classifications.
The Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs is responsible for the administration of visa applications to the US. As part of this process, DOS defines “reciprocity” requirements for certain visa classifications. In some instances, […]

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