New Code Of Practice For Commercial Property Relationships During Coronavirus

The aim of the new code of practice from the Government is to provide clarity for landlords and tenants when discussing rental payments and to encourage best practice to support all parties, so that the economy can recover swiftly.

We have written about the various protections that the Government has introduced for commercial tenants. The code supplements these protections, recognising the strain that the commercial property sector is currently experiencing.

The code that will apply until 24 […]

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Greece Boosts Construction And Real Estate Sector Through Optional VAT Suspension Scheme

The transfer of a newly built property (before its first use/occupation), as well as of the plot on which the building is situated, is generally subject to VAT in Greece, provided that the building permit is issued or revised from January 1, 2006 onwards and construction works hadn’t begun prior to this date. In this context, property is meant to refer to any building and structure related to the building or the ground in […]

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India: Flexibility Required For Distressed Funds In Real Estate

The real estate sector, still stressed due to the double impact of demonetisation and GST (much like the mythological Scylla and Charybdis), is yet to absorb the impact fully when faced with the Covid situation. With home buyers’ concerns prioritised by the government and the judiciary, there may be a growing sense of despair amongst the majority of developers, with no specific reforms for the sector other than some in the affordable housing space. […]

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