Commercial real estate firm Krinzman, Huss & Lubetsky has added two name partners, Michael I. Feldman and Jean “John” F. Hotte, and will now be known as Krinzman Huss Lubetsky Feldman & Hotte.

“We are looking forward to contributing to the firm’s growth and further cementing our firm’s reputation as one of the top commercial law firms in South Florida,” Feldman said.

Feldman came to the firm six years ago from Sacher, Zelman, Hartman. He will continue to focus his practice in the areas of commercial and real estate litigation and will also work as a Supreme Court of Florida-certified mediator. In addition, he will be involved in the firm’s transactional practice.

Hotte came to the firm in 2013 and will continue to focus his practice on corporate and real estate matters, as well as assist in overseeing the firm’s commercial and residential transactional practices.

Earlier this year, Feldman and Hotte collaborated to close a $72 million commercial real estate transaction in Coral Springs.